Sing Down the Stars (The Celestine Series #1) REVIEW

29522500Sing Down the Stars by L. J. Hatton

Published October 6th 2015

Genre: YA, Sci-Fi

Pages: 372

Source: Netgalley

When they arrived, they spread across the sky like a sea of jellyfish—silent, unknown, alien. When they left, a year later, it seemed as if nothing had changed. But soon, certain girls were born with peculiar abilities—inhuman abilities. An international commission was formed to investigate…and fear began to spread. Families were swept from their homes and, one by one, any girl that was different disappeared.
Penn Roma’s four sisters were born with these dreaded powers: they control the elements of fire, water, earth, and wind.
Penn is the unimaginable fifth child, one with the power to call down the stars.
Her father has hidden his daughters’ powers for sixteen years. Then, one explosive night, Penn loses everything: her sisters are taken, her family destroyed. Now, Penn must do the unthinkable and use the power she’s spent a lifetime suppressing. To save her family and herself, she must travel to the very heart of her world’s darkness and discover the truth about her terrifying gift.

In the beginning I didn’t feel compelled to read the book but as the plot developed I started connecting with the characters and the book became really enjoyable.

I liked the fact that it was full of action and the fact that the personality of Penn’s sisters matched the element they controlled. Even being annoying, I appreciated that, when Penelope was finally able to use her powers, she didn’t know how to control them or trigger them.

*SPOILER ALERT* I didn’t like how quick Penelope and Jermay kissed. I think there should have been more time for them to get used to the fact that she didn’t have to pretend to be a boy anymore.

If you like books about mastering the elements and the effect of aliens in our society, you should try Sing Down the Stars. It was hard to get into it but I ended up liking it.

Rating : 4 stars

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