The Godmakers REVIEW

19163615The Godmakers by Frank Herbert

Published January 1st 1972

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 210

Source: Bought it in my local used book shop

On the edge of a war-weary and devastated galaxy, charismatic Lewis Orne makes planetfall on Hamal. His assignment: to detect any signs of latent aggression in this planet’s population.
To his astonishment, he finds that his own latent extrasensory powers have suddenly blossomed, and he is invited to join the company of “gods” on this planet.
And people place certain expectations on their gods….

I started reading this book knowing nothing about it.

In the beginning it was promising but ended up not being compelling at all.

The concept was good enough t create a good book but I didn’t like this one.

I found the plot mediocre and the characters were plain, without any evident personality.

But, if you like espionage books and science fiction you can try The Godmakers. The fact that I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t.

Rating: 2 stars


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