Variant Reflections REVIEW


Variant Reflections by R. L. Robinson

Published May 10th 2014

Genre: Science-Fiction

Pages: 153 (e-book)

Source: Netgalley

An engineered pilot at the edge of space discovers a humanity he isn’t he supposed to have…a man hiding from his past in an archipelego which was once San Fancisco sacrifices part of himself to buy a way out…a disgraced scientist is offered a chance to begin her work anew, but fails to question her patron’s motivations and in lost Carcosa, a coming storm heralds change for all, whether they accept it or not.
In seeking knowledge, will we risk losing what makes us human, or will we discover more about ourselves than we thought possible?

I haven’t read many collections of short stories but I love science fiction and decided to try it. The thing I most like in this book is the fact that it is really diverse and each short story was different.

While I was reading the book I decided to do a more detailed review with all the titles:

  • Degrees in Kind – 4 stars
  • Midwinter Crossing – 3 stars
  • Unbroken Chains – 3 stars
  • Unremembered – 4 stars
  • Mods and Rockers – 2 stars
  • Up Over Geary – 4 stars
  • Tin Soldiers – 5 stars
  • Deviant – 5 stars
  • Mirrors and Shadows – 5 stars
  • Another Kind – 5 stars
  • Descent – 3 stars
  • Of the Blood – 2 stars

Overall rating: 4 stars


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