The Sound of the Stones REVIEW

26635595The Sound of the Stones by Beth Hammond

Published September 18th 2015

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Pages: 286

Source: Netgalley

The ancient book about the past holds the future. Frankie is the key.
She doesn’t remember stopping at the used bookstore, but there she stands as if drawn by an unseen force. Anticipation wraps around her like a cocoon. When she opens the door, the wind nudges her through, and expectancy turns to purpose. The man inside, and the book he offers, changes everything. Unusual things happen when she begins to read:
In a time long forgotten, people are held captive by half human creatures. Ashra holds a secret close to her heart, and must discover the purpose of her gift before the oppressed human race is destroyed. An unlikely ally comes to her aid. Strangers bring her a message from a far off land. Ashra and her band of misfits set off in search of answers. Together, they find love, uncover mysteries from the past, face ever present danger, and hone powers they never knew they had.
Frankie and Ashra are separated by millennia, by fiction and reality, but in the end the barrier shatters.

I loved the plot of this book. Ashra was definitely my favorite character, she is the strong female protagonist that really made me continue to read.

I didn’t like Frankie’s part because, for me, reading a book of someone reading a book is not really interesting but in the middle of the plot I forgot about Frankie and I was able to enjoy it. The author says that she is going to interconnect the stories so I’ll just have to wait to see if Frankie is really necessary in the plot.

If you like fantasy and humans struggling for freedom you should try The Sound of the Stones. I still have to wait to see how all of this fits together but I enjoyed the book.

Rating: 4 stars



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