Badge, Book, and Candle (Bookburners S1 Ep1) REVIEW

25873887Badge, Book, and Candle by Max Gladstone

Published September 2015

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 55 (ebook)

Source: Netgalley

NYPD Detective Sal Brooks is no rookie—but even the most hardened cop would think twice when they see their brother open a book and become…well…something entirely not their brother. When her attempts to solve the case cross paths with a mysterious team led by a priest, she starts to realize that the world is far more than what is seems, and, just maybe, magic is real—and hungry.

In this series I’m trying to keep my reviews short because there are 16 episodes in this first season. When I finish it I’ll post a review of the Overview of Season 1 and discuss if I want to read the next season.

In this first episode we got to know the characters and the overall structure of the plot.

Just based on this first episode I think I’ll like this series, the plot unravels fast and it has the amount of action I like.

I am really intrigued by the structure of this books, I never thought I would see books with the structure of TV shows.

I encourage people to check Serial Box because they have a series with different topics that might appeal to some. I’m glad I picked this up, it’s going to be a great experience.

Rating: 4 stars

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