Webs (Bookburners S2 Ep2) REVIEW

30635395Webs by Andrea Phillips

Published June 28th 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 46

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

With the Orb broken and magic on the rise, the Bookburners look for new answers in old places. Hoping for clues from the Society’s defunct experimentation branch, Asanti leads her team through the long-locked door of Team Four’s lair – and straight into a mystery of Escher-ian proportions.

In this episode, Team Three enters Team Four’s “dungeon”. Team Four was dissolved two hundred years ago and no one knows exactly why.

The story line was interesting, there wasn’t any major character development but there was a particularly peculiar interaction between Liam and Sal. Asanti seems to be more present in the field now that she has an assistant.

The setting was well described and I could almost feel like I was there.

There wasn’t much action, just some minor fights.

I’m starting to get disappointed  with Liam because he was such a cool character in the beginning and now he’s becoming weird and reserved/resentful. I get it that he has issues with magic after what happened to him but I also feel like it’s time to let go and move on. When Liam and Sal broke up somewhere in the first season I was upset but now that Liam changed his attitude, I don’t feel like they should be together. I love it that Sal is building a strong relationship with Grace and that they support each other with normal things in a crazy world.

Anyway, this is my opinion in this current episode and maybe it will change as I read more of this second season.

Rating: 4 stars


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