Ghosts (Bookburners S2 Ep4) REVIEW

30738065Ghosts by Margaret Dunlap

Published July 13th 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 45

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Frustrated at the still-broken Orb, Liam does some old-school web fishing and gets a nibble from Turkey. When Team Three travels to investigate they stumble upon a strange and ghostly crossroads where Liam is shocked to see someone he knows –or who at least knows him.

In this episode, even though the Orb doesn’t work, the Team goes on a mission, like in all of those episodes in the first season.

Liam gets a lead in his computer and travels with Sal, Menchú and Grace to Antakya, Turkey. We got to see a completely diferente use of magic, there’s some interesting character development, specially Grace, that is presented with a very difficult choice, and Sal, that has to get through one of her biggest fears.

Liam also plays am importante part in this episode, as a little of his story unravels.

It was overall a great episode and the storyline was compelling.

Rating: 4 stars


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