One With the World (Bookburners S2 Ep10) REVIEW

30738481One With the World by Brian Slattery

Published August 24th 2016

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Pages: 28

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Like a a pebble that starts the avalanche, the Network plays its hand in a move more terrifying in its scope than the Bookburners ever thought possible – at a time when Team Three is more fractured than ever before. Can the world weather the storm? Can the Bookburners?

In this episode, Team Three has a seemingly impossible mission.

The ending was abrupt, which must indicate this is a mission that will go on for several episodes, maybe even until the finale on episode 13 (this season has only 13 episodes whereas the first had 16).

It was interesting to see the conflicts between the team members, we can see that they’re really on edge.

I think Liam and Frances are getting closer and I really want to know if Sal is ok with it. I feel like she hasn’t moved on yet but I’m not sure. I hope I find out in the next episodes before the finale.

Rating: 4 stars


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