Call Forth the Waves (The Celestine Series #2) REVIEW

27256091Call Forth the Waves by L. J. Hatton

Published March 22nd 2016

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Pages: 336

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Earth, not so very long from now: the silent, inscrutable alien visitors who bathed the planet in transforming rains have moved on, leaving behind a world much changed.
Penn Roma, age sixteen, is blessed—or cursed—with supernatural talents she has always concealed. Her sisters, likewise afflicted, are prisoners of the Commission, the government agency tasked with controlling these strange children. Penn’s determination to save them only gains urgency when she learns of the horrifying plans the twisted Warden Dodge has for the peculiar charges.
But Penn herself must remain hidden, navigating a series of fantastical havens with her embattled allies, similarly enhanced teens also in the Commission’s crosshairs. Worse, her vast, half-understood powers have become unpredictable, failing at critical moments and activating outside of her control.
Can Penn trust a rogue warden, supposedly opposed to Dodge’s schemes, to help free her family…or has the Commission set its most nefarious trap yet?

This book picks up directly where the first one left off.

As I started reading the book, Penelope annoyed me so much. The tantrums and constant irrational decisions are really irritating. Luckily, she got better and I started tolerating her and even liked her in the end. I think she had great character development because I could sense her character  changing and the more she changed, the more I liked her.

Jermay was an interesting character. He definitely surprised me.

On the other hand, Birch was my favorite character. First, I adore his power, creating life the way he does is really outstanding.; and secondly, I feel like the others don’t really understand his point but Birch is always fighting his own battles with himself, living all his life in the Center didn’t prepare him for the world outside.

Winnie surprised me. I definitely didn’t expect such a massive character development. I loved her in this book and I think she is definitely one of my favorites, right after Birch.

Klok also stood out in this book. He was also important on the previous one but I think that he really shinned this time.

Now, the plot. One of the problems of this book was how repetitive it was. There was a clear pattern: they escaped, found a safe place, when they were finally happy about it, the Wardens would find them and they would escape again. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the plot. It was really well written, there was a lot of action and I was never bored but there was definitely a sequence that took some of the surprise away when things went down. Luckily, the last chapters were completely different. Everything about the book changed and those were the chapters I really enjoyed. In the beginning, I couldn’t stand it. I strongly disliked the book but as it developed, I began enjoying the plot even though I didn’t like certain characters. In the end, everything fell into place and I ended up enjoying the book. This also happened in the previous book, Sing Down the Stars, where I was almost giving up on it but then the book and the plot changed and I ended up giving it 4 stars.

So, if you are reading this book, don’t give up in the beginning. Try a little more, maybe it’ll be worth it. It was for me. I actually ended up liking Call Forth the Waves and I’ll probably read the sequel when it comes out.

Rating: 4 stars

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