Children of Icarus REVIEW

29065483Children of Icarus by Caighlan Smith

Published August 1st 2016

Genre: YA Fantasy

Pages: 313

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

It is Clara who is desperate to enter the labyrinth and it is Clara who is bright, strong, and fearless enough to take on any challenge. It is no surprise when she is chosen. But so is the girl who has always lived in her shadow. Together they enter. Within minutes, they are torn apart forever. Now the girl who has never left the city walls must fight to survive in a living nightmare, where one false turn with who to trust means a certain dead end.

This book is about a girl, whose name we don’t know, that is chosen with her bestfriend, Clara, to enter the Labyrinth. Clara couldn’t be happier, it is everything she ever wanted, it is an honor. But within minutes of entering this sacred place, all hell breaks loose. Clara dies and the girl sees herself alone in the worst place she could ever be. Now she has to face it on her own. She is found by a group of survivor teenagers but a misunderstanding snowballs into a big lie that doesn’t end well.

The characters. In general, the characters had a really marked and unique personality. They felt real, all of them had flaws and the mixture of these different personalities created a really diverse environment. The main character was completely unusual. She was weak and useless in the beginning. As the story unravels, she gets a little bit better but she is still kinda weak and doesn’t do as much as main characters usually do in other books. Nonetheless, I liked it. I loved that the author decided to write a book about this sidekick that all of a sudden sees herself taking the place of the main character. I love it that I can say that this protagonist is almost too real, she panics, cries, takes time to process things and, like all of us, she freezes in shock, unable to make a move. This would have been just a regular dystopian book if it wasn’t for this completely different main character.

Clara would have been the usual main character. She was happy and popular, the reader doesn’t get to know her very well but it is enough to know what kind of character she would have been.

Then, there’s the Fates. They’re a group of survivors that try to save the new Icarii that are thrown into the Labyrinth. There was the harsh leader, Collin, and other characters that turned their base into a safe shelter. The task that I found to be more interesting was Addie’s. She was overall mean and straight forward  and it was her responsibility to keep track of all the information they gathered about the Labyrinth and to invent better weapons and discover materials that would form better equipment for the scavengers. Her days consisted of doing tests and it was really interesting to read about the things and the stories she knew.

There were other great characters amongst the Fates such as Elle, the crazy one, and Felix, the cute innocent friend but the most important was Gina. Gina was a baby when she was found by the Fates. She grew up in the Labyrinth and they think she’s eight years old now. I liked her, she was a normal child even with all the craziness around her.

The last character I want to mention is The Executioner. The Fates have all kinds of stories about her and they fear her. As it turns out, she is not that heartless. I don’t want to spoil anything but, in the end, she became my favorite character.

Now, the plot. The storyline is quite simple. Along the way the reader gets to know some of the characters’ backstories but it is not at all complex. What makes this book really stand out is the different ways the characters react to what is happening. The plot develops because of those differences and it is really interesting to see how the character development influences the plot.

I wanted to see more of The Executioner, she was such an outstanding character, I really expected more of her. That is why I won’t give this book the complete 5 stars and only 4,5.

So, if you like mythology and dystopian, you should try Children of Icarus, I think it is worth it.

Rating: 4,5 stars


You can check out my sister’s review on this book here.



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