The Sunless Countries (Virga #4)REVIEW

13538012The Sunless Countries by Karl Shroeder

Published May 8th 2012

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 336

Source: Bought it

In an ocean of weightless air where sunlight has never been seen, only the running lights of the city of Pacquaea glitter in the dark. One woman, Leal Hieronyma Maspeth, lives and dreams of love among the gaslit streets and cafés. And somewhere in the abyss of wind and twisted cloud through which Pacquaea eternally falls, a great voice has begun speaking.
As its cold words reach from space to the city walls—and as outlying towns and travelers’ ships start to mysteriously disappear—only Leal has the courage to try to understand the message thundering from the distance. Even the city’s most famous and exotic visitor, the sun lighter and hero named Hayden Griffin, refuses to turn aside from his commission to build a new sun for a foreign nation. He will not become the hero that Leal knows the city needs; so it is up to her to listen, and ultimately reply, to the voice of the worldwasp—because an astonishing disaster threatens Virga.

The Sunless Countries is the fourth book of the Virga series.

In this book we follow the story of Leal Maspeth, an history tutor from Sere.
This book didn’t have as much action as the others but it was more dense. It focused on unraveling the history of Virga and the political repercussions of that. Leal is a great character, she’s curious and is always looking for the truth but that was it. Her personality didn’t stand out for me even though I felt that she was more relatable than the other characters.

The plot was good but I feel like the previous books were better.

Because Leal felt flat, I’m hesitant to read the last book. I really want to read it and finish this series but I think I’ll read it when I have less work to do.

Nonetheless, ir was an enjoyable book, I just hope the last one will be better.

Rating: 3,5 stars

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