Lisey’s Story REVIEW

10566Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

Published October 24th 2006

Genre: Paranormal

Pages: 513

Source: Library

Lisey Landon lost her husband Scott two years ago, after a twenty-five-year marriage of profound, sometimes frightening intimacy. Scott was a celebrated, award-winning, novelist. And a complex man. Lisey knew there was a dark place where her husband ventured to face his demons. Boo’ya Moon is what Scott called it; a realm that both terrified and healed him, that could eat him alive or give him the ideas he needed to write and live. Now, it’s Lisey’s turn to face her husband’s demons. And what begins as a widow’s effort to sort through her husband’s effects, becomes a perilous journey into the heart of darkness.

Lisey’s Story is about Lisa, the wife of a well-known writer, Scott Landon. Her husband died two years ago but Lisey hasn’t cleaned his office yet. As she makes her way through Scott’s belongings, she remembers the times when they were still together. Then, she’s pulled to reality and is forced to face what comes with it.

This book starts in an intriguing way. It is filled with flashbacks and thoughts inside thoughts that give depth to the main character.

In the beginning it was hard to keep up with all the hidden meanings of the words but, as I read the book, the plot got more fluid and, in the middle of the novel, I was completely hooked.

The characters were interesting and the plot was gripping.

Lisey is the center of the story, as expected, but the book also focuses on Scott’s story. Lisey’s sisters were also part of the story even though Amanda was featured more than the other sisters.

This book is another example of Stephen King’s marvelous plot-creating skills and storytelling. It was wonderful to read this book and I’m so glad I decided to pick it up from the library. I didn’t even know this book existed.

Rating: 4 stars



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