Shadows and Dreams (ReMade S1 Ep1) REVIEW

30812672Shadows and Dreams by Matthew Cody

Published September 14th 2016

Genre: Science Fiction, YA

Pages: 32

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Holden Black never imagined his crush knew his name, much less that he’d suddenly be driving her to a party. But life can change in a second, especially when you’re 16. A look. A flash of headlights. A scream. What do you do when the unexpected jumps straight to the unbelievable, the dream becomes a nightmare, and waking changes everything except your heart’s desire?

This episode introduced the characters of the series.

The plot was simple and left me wondering about what was going on.

Unlike Bookburners, one of the other series from Serial Box, the episode felt like it was a chapter in a bigger novel. On Bookburners, there was plot connecting the episodes but each one had a different story. In ReMade, this first episode introduced the plot and characters but there weren’t enough pages for me to form an opinion.

I’ll keep reading this series and hopefully the next episode will explain some of the things that were going on.

Rating: 3,5 stars

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