The Most Dangerous Game (ReMade S1 Ep4) REVIEW

31578739The Most Dangerous Game by E. C. Myers

Published October 5th 2016

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Pages: 44

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Respawning in an unfamiliar place with no resources, weapons, or fuel sounds like a gamer’s nightmare – and Loki knows a thing or two about those. As the group tries to navigate finding food, creating shelter, and staying calm in a jungle with killer robots, he can’t help but wish for a reset button that takes him back – though he knows more than anyone that his life hasn’t been great for the last several checkpoints. When a new predator begins to stalk the survivors he sees his chance to prove himself in the real world, but he’s pretty sure he’s already used his one life in this game.

This episode focuses on Loki, another teenager of the group.

As expected, this episode also gives the reader insight on Loki’s past besides continuing the plot.

The narrative of his past was intense and it is heartbreaking that is the reality for a lot of teenagers. Bullying affected Loki in a terrible way and it is saddening to know that this is still a problem in high schools these days.

I’m really enjoying the way the authors present each of the characters pasts.

This series has been gripping and I intend on reading the rest of the episodes soon.

Rating: 4 stars

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