The End of the Beginning (ReMade S1 Ep15) REVIEW

31926999The End of the Beginning by Kiersten White

Published December 21st 2016

Genre: YA Science Fiction

Pages: 37

Source: Bought it

Things move quickly after Holden initiates the shutdown sequence of Arcadia. Questions swirl as they grab supplies and hurry to stay ahead of the oncoming caretakers whose circuitry seems programmed to kill. With danger closing in, the time has come to run. True, they have a map – though to what they aren’t quite sure.

This episode was the season finale and it focused on Inez.

If you read my other reviews, you know that I don’t like her. In this episode, that didn’t change. She has some valid points but I still can’t get past some of her actions.

Still, it was a great finale. I’m excited for the next season.

ReMade was a series that I didn’t expect to get attached to. I’m glad I gave it a try.

Rating: 4 stars

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