The Castoffs Volume 1 : Mage Against the Machine REVIEW

35060663The Castoffs Volume 1 : Mage Against the Machine by MK Reed, Brian Smith, Molly Ostertag and Wyeth Yates

Published April 12th 2017

Genre: Fantasy Graphic Novel

Pages: 136

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

Twenty years ago, mages fought for their survival against the Surrogate, a hive-minded robot army that consumed everything in its path. Now, a trio of young apprentice mages must cross the ruined forests to deliver a magical cure to a nearby town. But the girls couldn’t be more different. Charris, a hotheaded fighter with elemental powers, Trinh, a shy mage who can literally turn invisible, and Ursa, a healer with more power than she lets on. The three girls must learn to trust and rely on each other if they’re going to save the village!

This graphic novel is about a group of three mages that are sent in a mission. These three mages are Charris, Trihn and Ursa.

One thing I liked about this graphic novel was that the mages had different powers and personalities.

The plot was simple but enjoyable nonetheless.

The art is beautiful and I loved the character’s design.

I think The Castoffs has a unique story and I hope I can read the next volume soon.

Rating: 4 stars


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