Allingham, Margery – The White Cottage Mystery

Anderson, Sarah – Big Mushy Happy Lump


Barnard, Joanna – Hush Little Baby

Blas, Terry – Dead Weight: Murder at Camp Bloom

Bond, Gwenda – Mirror of Fate (ReMade S1 Ep10)

Bradley, Marion Zimmer – Mists of Avalon (Avalon #1)

Brantz, Loryn – Lady Stuff: Secrets to Being a Woman

Bristol, Cara – Claimed by the Cyborg

Brontë, Charlotte – Jane Eyre

Brooks, Terry – The Sword of Shannara

Brooks, Terry – The Elfstones of Shannara (The Sword of Shannara #2)

Brooks, Terry – The Wishsong of Shannara (The Sword of Shannara #3)

Brown, Dan – Angels and Demons

Brrémaid, Frédéric – Love: The Dinosaur (Love #4)

Bryant, Patty; Maltese, Racheline – A Fair Hand (Tremontaine S1 Ep6)

Burton, Jessie – The Miniaturist


Campling, Mikey – Trespass (The Darkeningstone #1)

Christie, Agatha – Murder on the Orient Express

Christie, Agatha – The Adventures of the Christmas Pudding

Choo, Yangsze – Ghost Bride

Cody, Matthew – Shadows and Dreams (ReMade S1 Ep1)

Cody, Matthew – Umta (ReMade S1 Ep5)

Cody, Matthew – The Slow Fade (ReMade S1 Ep14)

Collins, Suzzane – Gregor The Overlander

Collinson, Gavin – The Hitchcock Murders

Cook, Robin – Invasion

Cox, Tom – The Good, the Bad and the Furry


Dawkins, Richard – The Selfish Gene

Derfner, Joel – Heavenly Bodies (Tremontaine S1 Ep3)

Derfner, Joel – The Swan Ball (Tremontaine S1 Ep7)

Derfner, Joel – Shadowroot (Tremontaine S1 Ep 10)

Dine, S. S. Van – The Bishop Murder Case

Dunlap, Margaret – Fair Weather (Bookburners S1 Ep3)

Dunlap, Margaret – The Market Arcanum (Bookburners S1 Ep5)

Dunlap, Margaret – Ancient Wonders (Bookburners S1 Ep9)

Dunlap, Margaret – Things Lost (Bookburners S1 Ep15)

Dunlap, Margaret – Ghosts (Bookburners S2 Ep4)

Dunlap, Margaret – The Village (Bookburners S2 Ep9)

Dunlap, Margaret – Coming Home (Bookburners S2 Ep12)

Dunlap, Margaret – Faces of the Beast (Bookburners S3 Ep2)


El-Mohtar, Amal – Fire and Ice (Bookburners S2 Ep 7)


Fialkov, Joshua Hale – The Life After Volume 1

Flynn, Gillian – Gone Girl

Flynn, Gillian – The Grownup


Gaiman, Neil – Creatures of the Night

Garcia, Lauren L. – Incursion (Catalyst Moon #1)

Gillen, Kieron – The Faust Act (The Wicked + The Divine Volume #1)

Gillen, Kieron – The Wicked + The Divine – Fandemonium (Volume #2)

Gillen, Kieron – The Wicked + The Divine – Commercial Suicide (Volume #3)

Girdner, Emilyann – The Labyrinth Wall (Obsidian Series #1)

Gladstone, Max – Badge, Book, and Candle (Bookburners S1 Ep1)

Gladstone, Max – Now and Then (Bookburners S1 Ep7)

Gladstone, Max – Codex Umbra (Bookburners S1 Ep11)

Gladstone, Max – Siege (Bookburners S1 Ep16)

Gladstone, Max – Creepy Town (Bookburners S2 Ep1)

Gladstone, Max – Incognita (Bookburners S2 Ep6)

Gladstone, Max – The End of the Day (Bookburners S2 Ep13)

Gladstone, Max – Bubbles of Earth (Bookburners S3 Ep1)

Grady, Christopher – Lunarbaboon

Grossart, Chuck -The Phoenix Descent


Haley, Guy – The Emperor’s Railroad

Hammond, Beth – The Sound of the Stones

Harris, Carrie – Home, Perilous Home (ReMade S1 Ep3)

Harris, Carrie – Mourning Train (ReMade S1 Ep7)

Harris, Carrie – Modern History (ReMade S1 Ep12)

Hatton, L. J. – Sing Down the Stars (The Celestine Series #1)

Hatton, L. J. – Call Forth the Waves (The Celestine Series #2)

Herbert, Frank – The Godmakers

Holmberg, Charlie N. – Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet

Hume, Shaun – Ewan Pendle and the White Wraith


Inman, Matthew – If My Dogs Were a Pair of Middle-Aged Men


Johansen, Iris – The Face of Deception (Eve Duncan #1)

Johansen, Iris – The Killing Game (Eve Duncan #2)

Johansen, Iris – The Search (Eve Duncan #3)

Johnson, Alaya Dawn – The North Side of the Sun (Tremontaine S1 Ep2)

Johnson, Alaya Dawn – The Dagger and the Sword (Tremontaine S1 Ep5)

Johnson, Alaya Dawn – Go and Tell the Morning Star (Tremontaine S1 Ep 11)


Keating, Kelsey – A Stolen Kiss (Stolen Royals #1)

Keating, Kelsey – A Stolen Crown (Stolen Royals #2)

Khaw, Cassandra – Hammers on Bone

King, Stephen – Joyland

King, Stephen – Lisey’s Story

King, Stephen – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon

King, Stephen – The Shining

Kubica, Mary – Pretty Baby

Kushner, Ellen – Arrivals (Tremontaine S1 Ep1)

Kushner, Ellen – Departures (Tremontaine S1 Ep13)


Lafferty, Mur – A Sorcerer’s Appre0ntice (Bookburners S1 Ep4)

Lafferty, Mur – Under My Skin (Bookburners S1 Ep8)

Lafferty, Mur – Shore Leave (Bookburners S1 Ep10)

Lafferty, Mur – Keeping Friends Close (Bookburners S1 Ep13)

Lafferty, Mur – Debtor’s Prison (Bookburners S2 Ep5)

Lafferty, Mur – Time Capsule (Bookburners S3 Ep5)

Layman, John – Taster’s Choice (Chew Volume #1)

Layman, John – International Flavor (Chew Volume #2)

Layman, John – Just Desserts (Chew Volume #3)

Layman, John – Flambé (Chew Volume #4)

Layman, John – Major League (Chew Volume #5)

LeGrow, Alice M. – Bizenghast Collectors Edition (Volume #1)

Lehane, Dennis – Shutter Island

Leon, Donna – Death at La Fenice (Commissario Brunetti #1)

Leroux, Gaston – The Phantom of the Opera

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #1

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #2

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #3

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #4

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #5

Liu, Marjorie – Monstress #6

Liu, Marjorie – The Blood (Monstress Volume 2)

Lo, Malinda – A Wake in Riverside (Tremontaine S1 Ep4)

Lo, Malinda – A City Without Chocolate (Tremontaine S1 Ep8)

Lo, Malinda – A Tale of Two Ladies (Tremontaine S1 Ep12)


Mafi, Tahere – Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1)

Marshall, Kenneth – White Seed (Seed World #1)

Marshall, Kenneth – Black Seed (Seed World #2)

McGuire, Seanan – Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day

Michell, Tom – The Penguin Lessons

Milligan, Peter – Britannia

Moyes, Jojo – Me Before You

Munroe, Randall – What If?

Myers, E. C. – The Most Dangerous Game (ReMade S1 Ep4)

Myers, E. C. – End of the Line (ReMade S1 Ep8)

Myers, E. C. – We’re Dead in this Ghost Town (ReMade S1 Ep11)


Nielsen, Jon – Look

Nojiri, Housuke – Usurper of the Sun


Pasetto, Chris – Kill the Minotaur

Pastis, Stephen T. – Suit Your Selfie

Phillips, Andrea – Webs (Bookburners S2 Ep2)

Phillips, Andrea – Shock and Owe (Bookburners S2 Ep11)

Phillips, Andrea – Hungry (ReMade S1 Ep2)

Phillips, Andrea – Whiteout (ReMade S1 Ep9)

Phillips, Andrea – Memories of Arcadia (ReMade S1 Ep 13)

Phillips, Andrea – Hard Bargain (Bookburners S3 Ep3)

Pietron, Barbara – Soulshifter


Reagan, Charlotte – Just Juliet

Reed, MK – The Castoffs Volume 1 : Mage Against the Machine

Reed, MK – Into the Wastelands (The Castoffs Volume 2)

Remender, Rick – The Delirium of Hope (Low Volume 1)

Robertson, David Alexander – Will I See?

Robinson, R. L. – Variant Reflections


Sanderson, Brandon – Elantris

Sanderson, Brandon – Legion

Sanderson, Brandon – The Emperor’s Soul

Sanderson, Brandon – Skin Deep (Legion #2)

Seluk, Nick – Heart and Brain: Body Language

Selznick, Brian – The Invention of Hugo Cabret

Shroeder, Karl – Sun of Suns (Virga #1)

Shroeder, Karl – Queen of Candesce (Virga #2)

Shroeder, Karl – Pirate Sun (Virga #3)

Shroeder, Karl – The Sunless Countries (Virga #4)

Shroeder, Karl – Ashes of Candesce (Virga #5)

Slatter, Angela – Vigil (Verity Fassbinder #1)

Slattery, Brian Francis – Anywhere But Here (Bookburners S1 Ep2)

Slattery, Brian Francis – Big Sky (Bookburners S1 Ep6)

Slattery, Brian Francis – Puppets (Bookburners S1 Ep12)

Slattery, Brian Francis – An Excellent Day For an Exorcism (Bookburners S1 Ep14)

Slattery, Brian Frances – Mistakes Were Made (Bookburners S2 Ep 3)

Slattery, Brian Francis – Present Infinity (Bookburners S2 Ep8)

Slattery, Brian Francis – One With the World (Bookburners S2 Ep10)

Slattery, Brian Francis – All in a Day’s Work (Bookburners S3 Ep4)

Smith, Caighlan – Children of Icarus

Smith, Caighlan – Children of Daedala (Children of Icarus #2)

Smith, Caighlan – The Weather

Soule, Charles – Letter 44 Volume 1

Summa, S. E. – Much of Madness


Tallerman, David – C21st Gods #1

Torres, El – The Ghost of Gaudi


Vaughan, Brian K. – Pride of Baghdad

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 1

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 2

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 3

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 4

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 5

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 6

Vaughan, Brian K. – Saga Volume 7


Warner, Tiana – Ice Massacre (Mermaids of Eriana Kwai #1)

Wells, H. G. – The Time Machine

White, Kiersten – Reality No-Show (ReMade S1 Ep 6)

White, Kiersten – The End of the Beginning (ReMade S1 Ep15)

Witcover, Paul – Lies in Our Stars (Tremontaine S1 Ep9)