The Shining REVIEW

12977531The Shining by Stephen King

Published January 28th 1977

Genre: Horror

Pages: 659

Source: Borrowed it from thatonenerdygirl

Jack Torrance’s new job at the Overlook Hotel is the perfect chance for a fresh start. As the off-season caretaker at the atmospheric old hotel, he’ll have plenty of time to spend reconnecting with his family and working on his writing. But as the harsh winter weather sets in, the idyllic location feels ever more remote…and more sinister. And the only one to notice the strange and terrible forces gathering around the Overlook is Danny Torrance, a uniquely gifted five-year-old.

When Jack Torrence attacks one of his students during a painful attempt to keep sober, he’s fired from the school. Without a job, Jack accepts to be a winter caretaker and the Torrance family, Jack, Wendy and their five-year old son, Danny, moves to the Overlook Hotel. It seems to be the perfect opportunity to bond as a family and Jack can use the time to finally finish his play. But, as snow starts to fall, the hotel starts to come to life and the family realizes that their winter is not going to be as they expected.

First, I want to talk about the characters.. They were wonderfully developed, I was only a few pages in and already felt like I knew them and their struggles. Jack Torrance was a very troubled man, realistically written. Wendy was also na interesting character, reading about her always put me on edge because of how deeply she worried. Danny was a sweet child and I loved to read his perspective on what was going on. King completely captured what it is like to be a child.

The plot was addictive. I was completely hypnotised by the writing and saw myself picking up the book just to read a few pages.

I had high expectations for this novel. Everyone and their mother already read The Shining and I was excited to finally get to it myself. The book didn’t completely fulfill my expectations but it was still a brilliant novel to read.

I would have liked it more if I’d had more time to read it but it was still enjoyable.

So, if you’re planning on reading The Shining, make sure you have enough time to fully immerse yourself in the story

Rating: 4,5 stars

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Black Seed (Seed World #2) REVIEW

34325240Black Seed by Kenneth Marshall

Published January 31st 2017

Genre: Science Fiction

Pages: 316

Source: Netgalley – in exchange for an honest review

The White Seed Brings Life to Worlds

Three thousand years ago, the seeds arrived from Earth on hundreds of worlds. The developed worlds formed the Network, connected only by radio and laser. Since the time of the seeds, nothing but information has traveled between the stars. Now a starship, The Child of Ambition, is changing that. Her first mission: to explore the dark worlds, the ones that failed.

The Black Seed Folds Space

Not an object, but a place—a manifold in space. A thing so hard to create, the Ancients only ever made three. The heart of a starship, or the core of the deadliest weapon in human history. The most precious thing in the Universe—or the most dangerous.

Alon Ienian—scientist, soldier, assassin. Member of a force so secret no operative will speak its true name. He came out of retirement to kill an old friend, and accepted a mission from his worst enemy, to save his home world from itself.

The black seed must be controlled, and Aestas—Summer World—holds the key. Outside air temperature: minus fifty degrees Celsius. After the oceans freeze and the weather ends, only the dead remain.

This book is about a group of scientists that go to a failed colony in another planet to discover why it failed. It is the sequel of White Seed, which I already reviewed (here) and did a book club discussion of (here).

First of all, I have to disclaim that I didn’t finish the book but, since the plot is so similar to the first one, that probably doesn’t matter.

This time, the book focused on Alon, a Shinigami that is also a geologist. Aside from that, Reading this book made me feel like I was Reading the first one all over again. The characters were exactly the same, in the same situation, just in a different planet. The fact that it focused on Alon instead of Kai didn’t make the book seem different at all. In White Seed, I struggled too but ended up giving it a reasonable rating because the concept was interesting, even though the execution wasn’t. This time, I can’t do it. The concept was still there, yes, that’s why I’ll give it 2 stars but the story and the characters were exactly the same.

I had to force myself to pick up this book and I was bored in every page I read.

Needless to say, this book was not for me.

Rating: 2 stars

Even though neither of us finished it, thatonenerdygirl and I did a book club discussion over on her blog. Check it out here.

White Seed (Seed World #1) REVIEW


Today I discovered: Humble Bundle

This post is not sponsored in any way. I’m just writing about Humble Bundle because I want more people to know about it.

Yesterday, I came across Humble Bundle. I had heard about it somewhere but never checked it out because I thought it only included games. Basically, in Humble Bundle, you can buy games and give money to charity. You can even choose how much you give the publishers, the charity and the Humble Bundle team. It sounded good but, since I’m not an avid gamer, I never looked further into the website.

Turns out, they also sell books (at mind-blowing prices).

Here you have the 6 bundles available (as I’m writing this):


In the first bundle (the one that I immediately bought), you get 25 books for 15$ (or more, if you want to pay more) but you can also give less money and get only part of the books.

If you pay 1$, you get:


If you pay 8$, you get all the previous books and these:


If you pay 15$, you get all the previous books and these:


In this bundle, the charity chosen was Girls Who Code but other bundles support different charities like, for example, the American Cancer Society. For 15$, I got all of these books and gave most of the money to charity (I chose it that way, you can give as much as you want). Here’s the link for the bundle if you want to check it out.

Humble Bundle has another Book Bundle called Crazy Sexy Love but I didn’t buy that one. It has some interesting sounding books, though! Check it out here.

There are game bundles but you can also buy games separately in the store if you want.

I was really happy to discover this website and I’ll be checking it out more in the future. If you want, I can write blog posts about the bundles I buy or if I find any book bundle that might be interesting. Let me know in the comments.


Creatures of the Night REVIEW

29236396Creatures of the Night by Neil Gaiman, Michael Zulli and Todd Klein

Published December 19th 2000

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy

Pages: 48

Source: Borrowed it

Two of literary comics modern masters present a pair of magical and disturbing stories of strange creatures who are not quite what they seem! In The Price, a mysterious feline engages in a nightly conflict with an unseen, vicious foe. The Daughter of Owls recounts an eerie tale of a beautiful orphan girl who was found clutching an owl pellet–and how those who would do her wrong would face bizarre, unforeseen consequences.

This book has two separate stories. Overall, the art is beautiful, I love the drawing style and the use of color for the characters. Now, for the stories:

1. The Price – 4,5 stars

This story is about a family that adopts every stray cat that appears on their house. The plot was compelling, even though the story was too short. The characters were interesting and, because I related so much with the family, the ending left me heartbroken.

2. The Daughter of Owls – 4 stars

This story is about a baby that is found alone, holding na owl pellet containign small bonés and feathers. The townsfolk immediately declare that the baby is unholy and intend on killing her on the spot. Upon discovering this, a priest decides to intervine, protecting the child.
The plot wasn’t as good as the previous story but still compelling. The characters were interesting but I still preferred the first one.
As The Price, this story was too short.

I still recommend this book to anyone that loves fantasy, just keep in mind that it can bee too short for your liking.

Rating: 4 stars

“And, selfish and scared, I wonder how much more he has to give.”

January Wrap-up

So, in an attempt to diversify my blog posts, I’ve decided to start doing monthly wrap ups. They won’t be exclusively about the books I’ve read in the month but also about the blog posts I’ve made and the books I added to my TBR.

Let’s start!

Books read

This Reading month started with Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner. 22718724Since it was the January pick of the Book Club I’m part of, I already posted the review (here) and thatonenerdygirl posted the Book Club discussion over on her blog (here’s the link). It was about terrifying mermaids and murderous eighteen year old girls, so it was pretty good. It probably wasn’t my favorite book of the month but it was a strong candidate. If you’re squeemish but, if you’re not, go for it!



Then, I read Saga Volume 7. It continued the story of the couple that we all love, Alana and Marko, and their family. I hadn’t read Saga in a while and it was wonderful to be back to this world. Everytime I read a new volume, I’m reminded of why and how much I love the series.




Then, I started reading the third season of Bookburners. If you don’t know, Bookburners is a Serial Box series, which means that it is divided into seasons and episodes, just like a TV show. Bookburners was the very first Serial Box series that I read and I absolutely loved it. I found the concept refreshing and read all the episodes that had come out back to back. It was exciting to finally start reading the latest season and I’m curious to see what will happen in the next episodes.


Blog Posts

61535I started off the year with the review of a book that has constantly been recommended to me by several teachers, The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins (review). I loved it, even though I wasn’t expecting to do so. Dawkins writes wonderfully, and I was completely sutprised by the book. I want to read more from him so, if you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments below!




Next, I reviewed Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (review). I read this book in the summer but only now did I finally publish the review. This is not an unknown book. I feel like everyone has already read it but I still wanted to share my thoughts on it. Only now do I understand the hype around Dan Brown’s novels. The story wasn’t outstanding but the fact that, as we read the book, we got to know more about the places the characters visited, was a big plus for me. I will also try to read more of his books this year.



Death at La Fenice was the third book I reviewed this month (review). It had been sitting on my shelf for years, until I finally picked it up. It is a Mystery-Thriller about a Maestro that dies in the middle of a show at La Fenice. Just like Angels and Demons, I liked the fact that it taught me more about the place where the story was set. What disappointed me was the plot. It bored me at times but, overall, it was okay.




Then, I reviewed Ice Massacre by Tiana Warner. As I said before, it was the Book Club pick of the month (Links are above).



I also reviewd Volumes 2 and 3 of Chew (volume 2 review; volume 3 review). I love this series. I haven’t read the fourth volume yet but I know I’ll enjoy it. This has become one of my favorite series of all time and I truly recommend it.



Finally, I posted my January Book Haul (link).


Books added to my TBR

Here, I won’t include the books I’ve bought, just the books that I added to my “Want to Read” shelf on Goodreads.

In January, I added a lot of books to my TBR, mainly because I watched a bunch of 2018 Most Anticipated Releases videos on Youtube.


First, I added The Bullet-Catcher’s Daughter by Rod Duncan. This book came out in 2014 and it is a Steampunk/Anternative History novel that sounds pretty good. From what I can tell, it is about a girl living as herself and her brother, that has to solve some mystery. It was enough for me to add it.





Then, I added Unbury Carol by Josh Malerman. He also wrote Birdbox, that was overall well received in the community, and I hope this new novel will be as good. It only comes out in April of 2018 but I’m already excited to get my hands on it.





Next, I added The Quantum Thief by  Hannu Rajaniemi. This is a Science Fiction novel that seems to be super weird. It came out in 2010 so I’ll probably buy it soon.





Then, I added Gunpowder Moon by David Pedreira. This book is about the first morder on the Moon and it sounds amazing! It comes out in February of 2018 and I hope I’ll be able to read it soon.



And, finally, I added Frankenstein in Baghdad by Ahmed Saadawi. In this book, the main character collects body parts and stitches them together. Then, one of the corpses disappears and terrible crimes start being reported around town. This book came out in January and it sounds outstanding. I can’t wait to get it and read it.



So, this is it. My January Wrap up. I’m planning on doing a post like this one every month from now on so stay tuned for that.

Let me know in the comments if you liked the post or not and tell me more topics that you think I should write about in the next wrap up!

January Book Haul

The books I got this month were:
  • Truthwitch by Susan Dennard
  • The Midwitch Cuckoos by John Wyndham
  • Shaman by Kim Stanley Robinson
  • Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky
  • The Bear and the Nightingale by Katherine Arden


Let me know in the comments if you read any of these book and which one I should read first!

Just Desserts (Chew Volume #3) REVIEW

9256590Just Desserts by John Layman and Rob Guillory

Published November 1st 2010

Genre: Graphic Novel

Pages: 128

Source: Borrowed it

Things are looking up for Tony Chu, the cibopathic federal agent with the ability to get psychic impressions from the things he eats. He’s got a girlfriend. He’s got a partner he trusts. He even seems to be getting along with his jerk boss. But his ruthless ex-partner is still out there, operating outside of the law, intending to make good on his threats against Tony and everybody Tony cares about. It’s just a matter of time before their investigations collide, blood spills and, inevitably, body parts are eaten.

Chew is about Tony Chu, a F. D. A. investigator that is cibopathic, which means that he knows the life of whatever he eats.

This volume follows the story of the last volume, International Flavor (that I already reviewed here).

In this volume, a lot of interesting characters were introduced, and we got to know a bit more about Chu’s family and past.

The plot is still captivating, it makes me want to read the next volumes of the series right now.

I recommend this graphic novel to anyone that loves mystery, just keep in mind that it can be gory.

Rating: 5 stars

Taster’s Choice (Chew Volume #1) REVIEW

International Flavor (Chew Volume #2) REVIEW

Let me know in the comments if you already read the series and your opinion on it !